At Model Trainers, we lead by example. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk (and sometimes, for cardio, we run the run).

Model (mädl; noun)
          -a person or thing regarded as an exemplary illustration of a specific quality
          or action
          -a person employed to display clothes by wearing them.

Our team of Model Trainers prides themselves on fully encompassing not just one, but two definitions of the word “model”. Being that our team is composed of signed fitness models at some of the world’s top modeling agencies, we are all actively living a healthy, fit, aesthetic lifestyle.
"How on earth could a client reasonably expect to see results from working with trainers who don’t train, diet, and perform at peak capacity themselves?"
Our staff has hands-on experience changing their own body composition, and through years of trial and error, we have figured out the correct methods to train and diet in order to see true, sustainable results in all aspects of fitness, and general health and wellness.