The second of six siblings, I was born & raised in rural west Texas. I've always been active, mainly with tennis & competitive gymnastics. Once I graduated high school, I traded in my passion for gymnastics with bodybuilding. During the same time, I worked at a supplement store where I was constantly learning about the products & how they affect the physiological processes of the human body.

Three years, one men's physique competition, & a year of collegiate cheerleading later, I graduated from Navarro College. Five days later I moved up to NYC with a one-way plane ticket in May 2016 to pursue a career in fitness & modeling & I have been here ever since.

Whenever we work out together, we're going back to the basics. Our initial goal will be to focus on perfecting your form, while increasing your ability to attain the most perfectly-isolated muscular contraction possible. Remember: we don't go to the gym to move weight's; we go to the gym to contract muscles. My particular training style varies because of my eclectic athletic background. Depending on my client's particular goals, our sessions could include aerobic cardiovascular training, anaerobic hypertrophic training, bodyweight calisthenics, free-weights, machines, cables, kettle-bells, TRX, foam-rolling, and PNF partner stretching.

If you have any further questions, shoot me an email & I'm more than happy to help in any way I can!

  • Signed Fitness Model
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Guest appearances on "The Today Show" and "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen"
  • Commercial work for Adidas, MAC Cosmetics, and Sketchers
  • Magazine spreads in ADON and Raine Magazine


Originally born & raised in New Hampshire, I made the move over to NYC in the spring of 2016. My fitness background includes functional & resistance training, athletic programming, exercise physiology, nutrition, TRX, battle-rope, & kettlebell training, PNF(proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching, as well as 7 years experience of my own personal fitness training.

When it comes to fitness, & accomplishing sustainable results, consistency is key. Fitness isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. The client's that experience the success of smashing their goals(my personal favorite clients to train) are the ones that commit themselves to pushing through their program over the long haul. Physical fitness boils down to effort. When diet & training are taken seriously, results will always follow.

A main focus of our plans are that they are realistic & sustainable! We aren't expecting all our clients to eat chicken 8 times a day or spend every minute of their free time at the gym. Our goal is to create a manageable, all inclusive physical health plan that includes diet, supplementation, & workouts in order to see physical(health, aesthetic, & athletic) improvements set within a reasonable timeline of working together.

If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out & I can answer any questions you may have.

  • Fitness Model for Wilhelmina NYC
  • Fitness Model for Model Club Boston
  • Swimsuit Model for Aronik Swimwear
  • Sponsored athlete for Six-Star Pro Nutrition
  • Featured in People Magazine & Adon Magazine
  • Commercial work with Under Armour, Nike, and Conair.
  • Appearances on "The Today Show," Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen," "The Insider," and "People Now."


My name is Michael Dean Johnson but many know me by my social media handle, @michaeldean2.0, as reality star from MTV's "Are You the One?" season six, or as a published fitness & fashion model. Growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee, I was always active, but my fitness journey really began when I started competitive wresting at the age of 12. I wrestled for the next 8 years for my schools' teams, as well as the Tennessee National Team. I owe all the credit for my discipline & dedication to those years spent wrestling.

Upon graduating high school, I transferred my dedication to wrestling over to bodybuilding & weight lifting. After 4 men's physique competitions - which included four 1st place finishes & one overall victory - I decided to move to New York City in the spring of 2016 to begin my modeling career. Since making the move, you can find me on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" as the shirtless bartender with over 10 appearances, or on the cast of MTV's hit show "Are You the One?" season six!

My fitness credentials include certifications from AAAI & ISMA, a background in strength & conditioning, as well as physical therapy. While bodybuilding, I trained under the guidance of 2 different coaches who specialized in hypertrophy-stylized training. Aside from my training style in the gym being intense, I am also very familiar with creating nutritional programs for my clients to follow outside of the gym, teaching about carb-cycling & intermittent-fasting.

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me an email, I hope you're as excited to get started as I am!

  • Nationally-ranked freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestler
  • NPC Nationally qualified men’s physique competitor
  • Signed Silver Fitness Model
  • AAAI/ISMA certified trainer
  • Swimsuit Model for Aronik Swimwear
  • Published Underwear/Fitness Model
  • MTV’s “Are You The One?” Season 6 cast member


Born & raised on Long Island, I grew up with family members who were professional bodybuilders. Staying active is something that became second nature to me. I was a wrestler & football & lacrosse player from a young age & even went on to play collegiate level lacrosse. Even with an active life, a major struggle was that I was an ectomorph or a "hard gainer", but after a year of focusing on bodybuilding, I placed 1st in my very first physique show: the NPC New Jersey Championships.

As biology student, I understand how the body responds to each movement you make. As your trainer, I will include various types of training that are custom planned for you. I have special expertise in strength training, resistance training, cardiovascular/anaerobic endurance, hypertrophy training & kettle bells. I am a firm believer in both stretching & mobility movements. To get the most out of your training, your body needs to be healthy. A healthy body leads to longevity & living a comfortable life.

  • Signed model with Wilhelmina Models
  • NASM POT style trainer
  • 1st Place NPC New Jersey championship
  • Collegiate Athlete
  • Majored in Biology - providing a deeper understanding of the body
  • Featured in several print and online campaigns


The youngest of three kids, I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio where I grew up as a competitive swimmer. My years in the pool taught me time management, work ethic, patience, and the importance of exercise in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I eventually claimed All-America honors as a swimmer but chose not to pursue the sport in my college years.

I went on to attend The Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, Go Bucks! During my time at OSU, I became a member of the ΣΦΕ Fraternity where I learned to flourish as a balanced man by giving equal emphasis to the curation of mental, physical and social health – an ideology I teach and share with all my clients.

I believe that any great physique is rooted in the fundamentals of basic training principles, proper nutrition, and prioritized recovery. My fitness credentials include ISSA Personal Trainer certifications with focuses on bodybuilding and sports nutrition, physique development, and weak point training, as well as 7 years experience coaching myself to professional bodybuilder status.

As your trainer – it’s all business when we step into the gym. I’m there to kick your butt and transform your body. Outside of that 1hr sweat session, I’ll also be there to council you on proper nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle habits and general life balance. I will give you the skills to make health and exercise a lifestyle rather than a chore.

  • Certified personal trainer with bodybuilding and sports nutrition specialization
  • Mechanical Engineer from Ohio State University
  • Published fitness and cover model
  • Self-coached professional bodybuilder
  • 4-time Men’s physique champion and 3rd place Arnold Classic
  • Major athlete sponsorship with BSN


Born in naples, florida & raised in westchester, ny, I grew up as sports being apart of my upbringing. Staying active is something that became second nature to me. I played football all my life up until senior year in highschool and this is what set me on my path to fitness. Although i was always the star athlete growing up, i struggled, i was super thin and could hardly eat all the way to junior year. This is sometimes coined as a "hard gainer" or ectomorph body type. Not until i really fell in love with the weight room and strength training for football did i start to really see progress and fall in love with fitness and training. This weight room obsession turned into a never ending thirst for knowledge about different training modalities, strategies, and nutritional techniques. Eventually bringing me into bodybuilding on a national level, i won 1st place in the NPC Northeast Summer classic in the teens division as well as 1st in the men's division.

The amazing feeling i got from seeing results, altering my mentality, and work ethic made me know i had to give this to other people. I pursued multiple certifications, including NASM CPT, Functional training & nutrition. As a guy who started super skinny and became a bodybuilder/model i've worked for and experienced the whole paradigm of body types. The style of training i specialize is corrective exercise, stabilization endurance, strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximal strength, power & maximal power. My philosophy also involves a lot of stretching / mobility work and i go through PNF Stretching with clients that i deem necessary. Lastly, i am firm in that fitness is a long term investment for self betterment and wellness. Through my now years of experience i look back and realize starting was the hardest part, and understand this investment for longevity is something everyone should START. Health is a key ingredient to happy, successful life.

  • 1st place in the NPC Northeast Summer classic teens division
  • 1st place in the NPC Northeast Summer classic mens division
  • Certifications: NASM CPT, Functional training & nutrition